We Love Fanny

Sophia & Janett

Fanny can come in a variety of forms, 133 to be exact. Known for their ability to interfere with breeding activities but also for their stamina, our good’ol Fanny is strong and independent. They can be common, they can also be gold, Scottish, Arabian and even lending themselves to someone called Lawrence, its fair to say there are variations of Fanny everywhere. From California to Queensland, Portugal to Alaska, one could say they get around…

Obviously by now you have gathered that the Fanny we are talking about is our beloved Finch. Fanny The Fearless Finch is representative of everything we stand for. Energetic, bold and full of happiness, finches are arguably one of the most colourful and beautiful birds on planet earth and undoubtedly our perfect spirit animal if ever there was one. We too enjoy feeding on seeds, weeds and the occasional worm. Funny business aside, Fanny keeps us on track. Every decision we make we ask whether Fanny would approve.

Which came first, the Fanny or the Flock?

You may be wondering if we moulded Flock from Fanny or Fanny from Flock. To be honest it’s a chicken and egg answer, they hatched at the same time. We knew our brand had to reflect our own values of


Working with Darryl Hardman of Gray Studios we crystallised our vision. Whilst the word flock evokes images of sheep and the wonderful county we are proud to live and work in, Cumbria. You’ll have gathered by now we’re a tad unconventional so we had to take to the skies. We’re all about creating ideas and spreading them far and wide, so Flock, and our representative symbol of the Finch was born. We named her Fanny.

Fanny helps us uphold our values because she represents them. She comes in all shapes and sizes, all colours and nationalities. Always chirpy, always energetic. She loves to smile (some imagination needed for this one) and she was born to fly. We ARE this and we love to work with people who preach these mantra’s too so if you love fanny, you will love us!

Fanny has spoken.

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