People love Flock….no, we’re not sure why either. Maybe it’s all the fivers we shove in their pockets to say nice things.


Or maybe it’s because we’re up front, true to what we do and who we are.


We might not be your cup of tea, no worries. Thankfully for us, there are a few people out there who get us, and we get them, and they say lovely things like this…



Wow! Wow! Wow! You rock! Well done and THANK YOU for one of the most fun evenings I’ve had. What a great night.

Andy Beeforth OBE, Chief Exec, Cumbria Community Foundation

The idea Flock had for our first anniversary event was both inspired and unique. It brought the right people to my business for the right reasons. Not only that, the event itself was seamless and professional. The guest list which Flock pulled together was astonishing and the lovely feedback I had from guests confirmed what I already knew; it was a knockout occasion.

Sam Ashdown, Director, AshdownJones

I just wanted to drop you a quick line (I don't normally do this) to let you know how impressed I have been with the Cumbria Family Business Awards this year. All of the PR and social activity in the run up to the awards has been fantastic and really showcased the shortlisted businesses. It is so rare to see business awards celebrate nominees so thoroughly and so equally.

Elizabeth Fisher, Director, Prospus Marketing

If you ever want an event organising – Flock are your ‘go to’ team. They are THE events people.

Chris Blade, CEO, Cumbria Crystal

The event was superbly organised, the attention to detail was beautiful, but my overriding memory will be the feeling of warmth, joy and sense of community, now that really is hard to achieve!

Sarah Stables, Director, Stables & Co

The night was inspirational, emotional, uplifting. It was the perfect gig. Can we salute you all?

Catherine Connor, Director, Lovingly Artisan

I would just like to say - WOW FLOCK - over 300 followers on the Bowness and Windermere Present Facebook page, and visiting all those businesses in Windermere and Bowness - you are superwomen!! I had a quick look through the likes, shares and comments and there is a real buzz about the markets. To get that level of engagement with the events - just fantastic. To get that response in less than a week - wow - well done!!

Helen Belshaw, Owner, Just H Design

What an amazing evening. The atmosphere was electric.

Zoe Dawes, The Quirky Traveller

When we opened for business we needed to get the word out. Soph and Janett's enthusiasm for our property was obviously infectious as it led to being contacted by More4 after appearing in local papers and glossies. Who can deny their attention to detail delivered with huge smiles and naughty laughter?! We have since used them for other occasions, all of which have been individually themed, meticulously organised and well attended. They are not just any company. They are the Flockers. We feel like we've not just used another company, we've made friends. That is a testament to their ethos. Hardworking but never boring. We just love them. We trust you will too.

Joyce McGuire, Owner, Dome House

Working with Sophia and Janett is like inviting Mary Poppins and Mrs Doubtfire into your life; they sweep in full of positive energy, give everything a shake up, a lick of paint and a polish and re-present you to the world all shiny and new and full of hope and possibilities.

Janette Philips, Artist

Flock’s energy and creativity gets things done and we appreciate that their alternative approach really does bring the wow factor. Thank you! Look forward to working with you again.

Diane and Spencer Hannah, Herdy