Flock stands for happiness, diversity and energy.

Flock creates fun, memorable and thought-provoking events

with a social conscience for businesses that like big ideas.


From a standing start at Janett’s kitchen table

in 2017, today we manage projects from our Windermere

office with a team of equally positive souls.


Our event concepts and campaigns have trended nationally,

attracted tv coverage, been seen in countless

newspapers and online. But more importantly, have

connected with the people who were there.

Pushing the envelope for the right reasons is what makes us unique.

Put it this way, we aren’t famed for doing what everyone else is.

We’re recognised as game changers who forge lasting connections for our clients.


Our job is finding out exactly what you want to achieve and

creating exciting ways to get your target audience to engage with it.


You might be a small business who needs to reach out to your local community because you’re located off the high street. You might be a FTSE100 who needs to launch a product or concept in a way that really gets people thinking. You might be a charity that wants to reach new supporters.


As long as the project resonates with us and we can add value, we’ll help.

If it’s not our bag we’ll let you know. 


Fanny the Fearless Finch holds us to account every day and if we weren’t championing

our values of happiness, diversity and energy she’d have something to flocking

say/chirp/beat her wings furiously at us for. Thankfully, we keep Fanny happy

by continually taking on projects we believe in.


Is our next project yours?  

We've been impressed with what Flock achieve. Their energy and creativity gets things done and we appreciate that their alternative approach brings the wow factor.
Diane and Spencer Hannah - Herdy