About Flock


Founded by two equally inventive businesswomen, Flock celebrates and supports businesses of all sizes who want to stand out from the crowd. We love helping forward-thinking companies and individuals raise their profile and achieve their goals by increasing exposure across both traditional and online media platforms and creating true engagement through exceptional events.

Fanny The Fearless Finch

Our values of Happiness, Diversity and Energy are symbolised in our Fearless Finch, Fanny. Legend says (ok, Google says) that seeing a Finch is a sign of brighter and more energetic days on the horizon. Sounds good to us! Our ethos is to constantly strive for better for our clients, for us and for communities whilst enjoying the milestones on the way. Pushing the envelope for the right reasons is what makes us unique. The fun part is finding out what’s unique about you and helping you share it! What are you flocking waiting for?!