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Founded by two equally inventive businesswomen, Flock celebrates and supports businesses of all sizes who want to stand out from the crowd. We love helping forward-thinking companies and individuals raise their profile and achieve their goals by increasing exposure across both traditional and online media platforms and creating true engagement through exceptional events.

Fanny The Fearless Finch

Our values of Happiness, Diversity and Energy are symbolised in our Fearless Finch, Fanny. Legend says (ok, Google says) that seeing a Finch is a sign of brighter and more energetic days on the horizon. Sounds good to us! Our ethos is to constantly strive for better for our clients, for us and for communities whilst enjoying the milestones on the way. Pushing the envelope for the right reasons is what makes us unique. The fun part is finding out what’s unique about you and helping you share it! What are you flocking waiting for?!

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There’s nothing quite like people experiencing things for themselves to increase customer and client engagement. Creating outrageously good events tailored for your business that are different from the rest and with your key message at heart is what we’re all about.

From product launches to large scale awards, festivals or fundraisers we’ve already helped businesses create a big flocking buzz for the right reasons. From fizzing ideas with you at conception right through to the big night, we’re with you the all way and banging our big drum about you whilst we’re at it!

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Big Ideas to Help Your Business Grow


Aren’t papers full of rubbish these days? Not if you’re in them! The printed press is still a highly respected media and an editorial article out performs an advert by 6 to 1. One of our favourite things to do is ‘winkle’ your brilliant newsworthy stories out of you and get them in the news… magazines, newspapers, newsfeeds, radio, TV, blogsites, there’s a lot of places to be seen these days! So tell us a story old bear, we’ve got people who’d love to hear it.

As for that competitor of yours who’s always winning awards and you can’t figure out why? Let us sprinkle some magic Fanny dust on your business so you can start polishing your silverware.

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Social Media

We’re going to be bold and say it. There’s a lot of bad social media out there. Even so it’s getting increasingly hard to stand out in newsfeeds. There are also a lot of people who promise to grow your followers and sales over-night so you can get that off-shore bank account and private yacht you’ve always wanted. Hmmm…
We can’t promise that, but what we can promise is an authentic social media presence with a growing audience of relevant and engaged people. You know actual real humans who give a flying flock about your business.

We also do Facebook Advertising ninja things, so you can do that weird stalkery type stuff to people. How do they know I need new curtains? Mwhahahahahaha *buys curtains*

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We're now working with Flock and have been impressed with the coverage they achieve. Their energy and creativity gets things done and we appreciate that their unconventional approach brings the wow factor. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Flock.

Diane and Spencer Hannah Herdy

Birds on a line


Just some of our amazing clients and projects. Honestly, we pinch ourselves too! What an incredibly tremendously wonderful bunch!

Cumbria Crystal
Progression Solicitors
The Family Business Network
Cumbria Family Business Awards

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